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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Ovalisation of Steel Circular Hollow Sections under BendingManahel Sh. Khalaf; Amer M. Ibrahim
2018Study the Response of Bubbled Wide Reinforced Concrete Beams with Different Shear Steel Plate SpacingAhmed A. Mansor; Amer M. Ibrahim; Mohammed J. Hamood
2016Structural Behavior of Composite Reinforced Concrete Decks with Life Line Steel Tube SystemsAmer M. Ibrahim; AbdulMuttalib I. Said; Huda M. Mubarak
2019Effect of Construction Type on Structural Behaviour of R.C Bubbled One-Way SlabAmer M. Ibrahim; Murtada A. Ismael; Humam A. Abdul Hussein
2019Effect of Steel Tube Thickness on Flexural Behavior of Concrete Composite Beams Using Different Section ShapesFahad M. Bahlol; Amer M. Ibrahim; Wissam D. Salman; Humam A. Abdulhusain
2018The Effect of Infill Steel Plate Thickness on the Cycle Behavior of Steel Plate Shear WallsHuda M. Najem; Amer M. Ibrahim
2021The Effect of Adding Shear Connectors to the Composite Slabs with Different Geometry of Profile Steel SheetIbrahim Abbas; Amer M. Ibrahim; Teeba A. Jassim
2021Investigation on the Seismic Performance of High-Strength Bolt-Rubber (HSBR) Connection in a Steel FrameTeeba Ali; Amer M. Ibrahim; Bozhou Zhuang
2022-02-01Development of Steel Structure with Rigid Connection Subjected to Horizontal Cyclic Load By Using Rubber WasherQader A. Mohammed; Amer M. Ibrahim; Teeba A. Jassim
2024-03-01Study the Efficiency of the XGBoost Algorithm for Squat RC Wall Shear Strength Prediction and Parametric AnalysisBadie H. Sulaiman; Amer M. Ibrahim; Hadeel J. Imran