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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Performance of Recombinant rK39 antigen in the diagnosis of LeishmaniasisIsmail Ibrahim Latif; Ashraf Jamail Mahmoud; Yaseen Majed Salman
2017-12Echocardiographic Assessment Of Left Ventricular Systolic Function Among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Managed In Ebn Sena Dialysis Center In DiyalaIsmail Ibrahim Latif; Ali Mosa Jaffar; Ahmed Talal Abdulla; Nabeel Khalid Mohammed Ali
2019-06Assement of Severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia By CURB-65Ahmed Talal Abdullah; Ismail Ibrahim Latif
2019-10Mineral Derangement and Bone Diseases in Uremic Patients on hemodialysis in Ibn-Sina Hemodialysis Center / DiyalaShakir Hameed Mohamed; Ahmed Methab Athab; Nabeel Khalid mohammed Ali; Ismail Ibrahim Latif
2020-04The Role of Dexa Scan Application in Uremic Patients on Hemodialysis in Ibn-Sina Hemodialysis CenterShakir Hameed Mohamed; Yousif Naser Haded; Ismail Ibrahim Latif; Ahmed Methab Athab; Nabeel Khalid Alwendi
2021-04Homocysteinemia in Heart FailureMohammed Adnan Khaleefah; Ismail Ibrahim Latif; Ali Mousa Jaffar
2022-06Efficacy of Olive Leaf Extract Mouthwash on Clinical and Inflammatory Parameters of Gingival Inflammation in Relation to Chlorhexidine in Acute Gingivitis Serum PatientsLiqa Sabah Hasan; Ismail Ibrahim Latif; Shakir Hammed Mohammed
2014-12Detection of Serum Hs CRP and C3 Complement Levels Following Immunization with Measles Containing Vaccine in Iraqi Young AdultsIsmail Ibrahim Latif; Salwa S. Abdul –Wahid; Arwa Mujahid Abdullah; Zena Jassim Mohammed
2013-12Influence of Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Field Exposures on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus AureusinvitroAmer Dawood Majeed; Ismail Ibrahim Latif; Brooj Muhammmed Irzouki
2012-10Genotyping of Hepatitis C Virus Isolates from Iraqi Hemodialysis Patients by Reverse Transcription-PCR and One Step Nested RT-PCRArwa Mujahid Abdullah; Abdul-Razaq Hardan; Ismail Ibrahim Latif