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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency among Neonate with Jaundice in Baquba cityHadeel Ahmed Jasim; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Shefaa Mansour Hemza
2020-04Obesity in Primary Schools Children in Baquba CityOday Kahtan; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Shefaa Mansour Hemza
2019-06Role of Prophylactic Phototherapy in the Management of very Low Birth weight Newborns with Hyperbilirubinemia in Comparison to Therapeutic Phototherapy with their GenderOday Abbood Khalil; Hussam Mohamed Rafeeq; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman
2020-04Knowledge among Women about the Method of Delivery in Albatool Teaching Hospital in Baquba CityOras Zaki Saadoon; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Moneam Akram Hassan
2020-06Congenital Anomalies Among Newborns in Diyala Province in 2017Samara Mahmood Abdulhadi; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Shefaa Mansour Hemza
2020-06Anemia in Children under 5 years, The Prevalence and Contributing Factors in Al-Batool Teaching Hospital/Diyala GovernorateMehdi SH Al-Zuheiry; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Ali Ammer Abd
2020-10Role of Triple Assessment in Detection of Breast Cancer in Baquba Teaching HospitalNoor Hazim Taih; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Moneam Akram Hassan; Mohamad Theyab Hamad Hussein
2020-12Epidemiological Study of Non-communicable Diseases Among Patients Attending Nutritional Clinic in Baquba Teaching HospitalMoneam Akram Hassan; Abd Alsalam Harfash Hassan; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman
2022-04Abdominal Migraine among Children in Diyala ProvinceDhay Shihab Khleel; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Hailah Othman Habeeb; Falah Mokheiber Mostafa
2022-10Prevalence of Pediculosis in Baquba City, Diyala ProvinceRaghad Jameel Abbod; Nadhim Ghazal Noaman; Ahmed Salih Mahdy